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BRIAN D. MORENO LAW CORPORATION APC is experienced in handling judgement enforcement.

Money Judgment:

Associations may have obtained a small claims judgment years ago and since written off the debt.  However, the former owner may have recovered financially and is now in a better position to payoff or make payments towards the debt.  It is also helpful to note that Judgments in California accrue interest at a rate of 10% per annum and collection costs (including attorney fees) may be recovered and added to the Judgment principal.

Injunctive Relief:

 A CC&Rs enforcement Judgment usually includes injunctive orders (i.e., the Judge ordering the owner to do something or not do something consistent with the governing documents).  If an owner fails to comply with the Judge’s order, the owner may be subject to contempt proceedings, which means the owner could be incarcerated.


In unique situations, the association may need to pursue receivership remedies. This means that a court-appointed receiver will take control of and jurisdiction over a property for purposes of bringing the property into compliance.

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